Blueprint DG samling

A DG gathering is made of 5 main components:

1. Connect the group: Icebreaker (15min)

→ Purpose: get a good start so people feel home

2. Connect with God: worship & prayer (15min)

→ Purpose: help people set their focus on Jesus and give them a model they can apply individually/in group at home

3. Connect with the Word: sharing the Word from the preaching on Sunday (15min)

→  Purpose: contextualize one point of the preaching from Sunday

4. Connect deeper: engaging the group in a conversation from the sharing (15min)

→ Purpose: get everyone in the group to participate in the sharing

5. Connect the dots: info/socialise/snacks

→ Purpose: inform everyone about the different meetings in church, socialise and make connections



AFTER the gathering

Debrief with DG leaders and DG co-leader: 

→ Purpose: include the new ones, give each one of them the follow-up of a co-leader

Fill out the form here and insure that no one in the group is left without follow-up.

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