Connect with the Word & Connect deeper

Connect with the Word

Sharing the Word from the preaching on Sunday (15min)

→  Purpose: contextualize one point of the preaching from Sunday

Hint: don’t start with “who was here on Sunday?” - it discriminates those who weren’t here and doesn’t help to get a good start. 


Follow the principle of 1 thing!

  1. Choose 1 verse from the preaching, invite people to find it in their Bible, someone can read (3min)
  2. Give your sharing 1 name (theme), explain - link to the preaching (3min)
  3. Share 1 thought about the theme (3min)
  4. Give 1 testimony(yours or someone else’s) related to the theme of your sharing (3min)
  5. Contextualise the story/testimony to Jesus Church/DG/co-discipleship and take it down to 1 open question/challenge relevant to the group (3min)


  • What would our DG look like if we started to do that?
  • How could we as a DG, practice that on a weekly basic?
  • If we were going to implement that, where should we start?


Connect deeper

Engaging the group in a conversation from the sharing (15min)

→ Purpose: get everyone in the group to reflect deeper about the sharing


Invite people to conversation (10min)

  • Focus on the specific question/challenge
  • Divide the entire group in small groups of 3 of 4 (not more)
  • Encourage everyone in the groups to share their thoughts


Wrap up (5min)

  • Invite a few people to give some answers
  • Close the sharing by giving 1 concrete conclusion related to the theme and the question



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